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        來源:http://www.jnhsjlm.com 日期:2022-05-11 發布人:guanli
        The profile of rolling shutter door is made of high-quality aluminum alloy (steel) by double-layer rolling forming. The appearance is treated by multi-layer baking paint, and the middle is filled with polyurethane insulation foaming material without perfluorocarbon. It is produced by fine production technology and manufacturing technology. The electric rolling shutter door has beautiful appearance, soft color and horizontal relief design, which reflects the hierarchical beauty.
        The main reason why the rolling shutter door turns over is the spring. When opening the door later, the user should use the hook to send it up to the top. Don't let it rush with the inertia of the spring, otherwise this phenomenon will occur.
        If the door is in mid air, then the two people roll the rolling shutter door to the top at the same time, pull it out of the slide, roll it up, stick it to the wall, put it into the track, and pull it. It should be no problem.
        You can also clamp the roller shutter door shaft with a pipe clamp to tighten it for a circle, but you need two people to cooperate well. Do not loosen the screws on both sides together. First loosen one side and clamp it with a pipe clamp, and then loosen the other side to tighten the shaft.
        The defect of the manual rolling gate is that the spring of the rolling gate is easy to break. Once the spring breaks, the rolling gate cannot be pulled up and down. Ordinary owners often call the maintenance personnel to come and replace the spring. Although the rolling gate is in normal operation when it is just replaced, the owners never thought that most of the maintenance companies replace the old spring and break again in less than three months. How can they stop with so many faults. Some people believe that as long as the electric rolling gate is installed, this matter will be solved, because the electric rolling gate has no spring, but the motor and guide groove of the electric rolling gate are also prone to failure.
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