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        來源:http://www.jnhsjlm.com 日期:2022-02-09 發布人:guanli
        After installing the electric rolling shutter door, the height of the stopper can be adjusted up and down through the stopper at the upper motor. The correct way is to first raise the roller shutter door to the appropriate height with the remote control, then find the limiter for adjusting the upper and lower height, rotate the adjusting fixing screw to adjust the height of the roller shutter door, tighten the fixing screw, and check whether the height of the roller shutter door is appropriate through the remote control.
        What is an electric rolling shutter door:
        1. The manual electric roller shutter door can manually pull the roller shutter door switch up and down with the help of the torsion spring on the roller shutter door shaft to balance the force. The electric telescopic door is mainly composed of the door body, driver and control system. The roller shutter door, also known as the roller shutter door, is a door formed by many hinged door pieces in series and rotates up and down with the roller above the door in a fixed slide.
        2. The electric roller shutter door uses a special motor to drive the roller shutter door shaft to rotate. When it reaches the roller shutter door switch, it will automatically stop when it rotates to the upper and lower limits set by the motor. The motor of the electric roller shutter door is caused by insufficient motor power, indicating that the measured current is higher than the rated current, and the large motor needs to be replaced. The heat dissipation conditions are poor and the coupling is not concentric.
        3. The door body is novel and beautiful in shape, flexible and changeable, compact in structure and small in space. It is widely used in internal and external doors of buildings. In order to ensure that the electric rolling shutter door forms an integral part with the wall, it should be sealed, and then the hole and wall should be painted. After painting, the door seam should be flat and smooth, and the electric rolling shutter door should be able to open freely and gently without being too tight or too loose.
        The above is Jinan rolling shutter door factory http://www.halc9bit.com Thank you for checking the information of our company in your busy schedule. If you want to know more, you are welcome to inquire!

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