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      來源:http://www.jnhsjlm.com 日期:2021-11-26 發布人:guanli
      隨著人們生活水平的提高,汽車市場需求也急劇膨脹,隨之也帶動了車庫門市場的快速增長,常見的車庫門主要有遙控、電動、手動幾種。其中遙控、感應、電動都可統稱為自動車庫門。手動車庫門和自動車庫門主要區別是沒有電機。 自動車庫門現在主要分類為:翻板車庫門與卷簾車庫門。尤其是門洞較大,不便安裝地面門體的地方起到方便、快捷開啟作用。接下來我們一起來了解自動車庫門的相關性能:
      With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand of automobile market also expands sharply, which also drives the rapid growth of garage door market. The common garage doors mainly include remote control, electric and manual. Among them, remote control, induction and electric can be collectively referred to as automatic garage door. The main difference between manual garage door and automatic garage door is that there is no motor. Automatic garage doors are now mainly classified into: flap garage doors and rolling shutter garage doors. Especially where the door opening is large and it is inconvenient to install the ground door body, it plays a convenient and fast opening role. Next, let's learn about the relevant performance of automatic garage door:
      The automatic garage door is controlled by microcomputer program, which is easy to use. It can be operated by pressing the remote control handle. The motor is equipped with automatic delay lamp, and the extension time is 3-5 minutes.
      The garage door is ultra silent during operation. It is equipped with emergency lock in case of power failure, which is easy to switch.
      車庫門的門板是采用進口的雙層彩鋼板,門板總厚度4-5公分,門體中間使用高規格的保溫隔熱隔音材料。?①?門板為雙層復合型板,總厚度為40mm,高度約為500mm。板材厚度為0.326mm。門側采用2.0mm鍍鋅鋼板密封包邊,外觀為方格款式。②彩鋼板先經雙面熱鍍鋅處理:冷軋鋼板連續熱鍍鋅處理后,雙面標準鍍鋅附著量為275/m以上。? ③門板內填充高密度聚氨酯發泡材料。金屬板與聚酯發泡材料結合緊密,保溫層無孔洞,形成整體,金屬板與保溫層保證10年以上不分離。門體能抗風壓42m/秒(12級);? ④門體表面壓方框,同時表面進行壓橘皮紋處理,具有浮雕效果。
      The door panel of the garage door is made of imported double-layer color steel plate, with a total thickness of 4-5cm. High specification thermal insulation and sound insulation materials are used in the middle of the door body.? ①? The door panel is a double-layer composite panel, with a total thickness of 40mm and a height of about 500mm. The plate thickness is 0.326mm. The door side is sealed and wrapped with 2.0mm galvanized steel plate, and the appearance is square style. ② Color steel plate shall be subject to double-sided hot galvanizing treatment first: after continuous hot galvanizing treatment of cold-rolled steel plate, the adhesion of double-sided standard galvanizing is more than 275 / m.? ③ The door panel is filled with high-density polyurethane foam material. The metal plate is closely combined with polyester foam material, and the insulation layer has no holes to form a whole. The metal plate and insulation layer shall not be separated for more than 10 years. The door can resist wind pressure of 42m / S (Level 12);? ④ The surface of the door body is pressed with a box, and the surface is pressed with orange peel, which has the effect of relief.
      The color of garage door is bright, beautiful, elegant, concise and generous; Equipped with safety airbag to make the garage door rebound in case of resistance, so as to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.
      The principle of garage door is scientific. The torsion spring is built in the door, and the torsion is equivalent to the weight of the door, so that the door body is in a "zero weight" state. It runs by pulley in the track, so it has small resistance, less energy consumption, low maintenance rate and durability.
      The disassembly and renewal of garage door hardware accessories are very convenient and more convenient for maintenance.
      The above is the wonderful content provided by Jinan garage door. Please pay attention to more information http://www.halc9bit.com

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