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      來源:http://www.jnhsjlm.com 日期:2021-08-20 發布人:guanli
      1. Look at the horsepower. That is, what people usually ask is how big or how many doors can this door open? People's habit is always to simply think that the larger the appearance of the door opener, the greater the strength, which is unscientific. In fact, the motor power is determined by the rotor parameters (diameter, stack thickness) and the motor magnetic tile.
      2. Look at the waterproof performance of the motor. The waterproof performance of the motor is determined by the outlet and the sealing ring of the bottom cover. Comparing nice sliding door motor with the imitation products on the market, it is easy to find that the outgoing line of nice sliding door motor is fully sealed and subject to special waterproof treatment, and the bottom cover sealing ring is oil-resistant rubber sealing ring.
      3. Look at the service life of the motor. The materials and manufacturing process selected for the worm gear and worm, shaft sleeve, reducer worm housing, rotor support structure, mounting seat and other components of the motor determine the length of the service life of the motor and the ability to resist turbulence and impact. Just like nice translational door motor, the worm gear and worm are precision manufactured with high-performance materials with wear-resistant formula, large modulus, large tooth width and good overall rigidity.
      4. For the selection of the type of automatic door machine, if the flow of people is small, the door opening is general, and the investment budget is small, such as office and office, you can choose the ordinary door machine with low price. This kind of gantry crane can also be used without fault, but its service life will be relatively short. If the buyer has good after-sales service and can provide in place maintenance service at any time, you can use it at ease.
      5. Pay attention to the compatibility of automatic gantry crane. It is required that the gantry crane has compatibility and can be equipped with these devices. Some automatic door machines have such functions and are easy to install, while some door machines do not have this function and must be equipped with many other devices to install, which leads to unnecessary expenses.

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